Dr. Walsh and his staff are unbelievable. Their professionalism and customized treatment plan for my back issue have helped me immensely. It is refreshing to go into an office and be treated like a family member, not just a patient. I would strongly recommend seeking out care from Dr. Walsh if you have any kind of back issue.
— Josh B.

I’ve been a weekend warrior for a long time and have always been physically active. As I age I’m realizing that ignoring the other part of health is not such a good idea (adjustments, massage, stretching, etc.). That’s where Dr. Bill came in. This man is an inspiration to me and for anyone caught in the rat race of Orange County. I’ve met plenty of Chiropractors who simply want to take your money, focus on the business side of things and on silly bells and whistles. Dr. Bill is no nonsense and I’m very clear at this point that he truly cares about his clients well being. Because of him my spine is straight and hips are in alignment again. I also feel much better and am able to avoid chronic sick bugs that plagued me in the past. It’s all what you put into it (your body) and how you treat it. This is the only body we’re going to get so I highly suggest you get your butts, hips and spine into Dr. Bills office and let him help you heal your body. I’m forever grateful I did.
— Jason T.

Dr. Walsh and his staff are so nice and welcoming. I was very unsure and frightened about chiropractic in general, but decided to go see Dr. Bill and face my fears. Dr. Bill did a complete review, including x rays and came up with a treatment plan for me. My back and body feel so much better and it really has become part of my overall health and wellness plan. I highly recommend paying a visit to Dr. Bill you will not regret it!
— Ryan R.

I listened to my MDs and stayed away from chiropractors my whole life - I have gray hair. My debilitating classic migraines recently went from every 6 or 8 weeks to every other week and I relented. After an initial series of adjustments and a simple, daily exercise regimen, I wake every day without the fear of a migraine attack! Thanks for improving the quality of my life, Dr. Bill!!

— John K.

This place really knows what they’re doing. Dr. Walsh is friendly, knows what he’s doing, and LISTENS to your needs. All the staff is incredibly helpful, nice, and efficient. This place gets me in and out (great for a busy schedule), actually makes my body feel better, and improves my overall performance in anything I do because of it. Highly recommend going here!!
— Cristina R.

Dr. Bill Walsh and his team are fantastic! A professional yet family environment. He and his team take time to make assessments about your general condition and tailor and individual plan for your overall health and wellness. I highly recommend their services.
— Linda F.

Dr. Walsh and his staff are the best! They take excellent care of our whole family! Dr. Walsh is very thorough, extremely knowledgeable and super nice! I would highly recommend to everyone looking for a chiropractor!
— Jamie C.

Dr. Walsh and Miller family chiropractic are life (and back) savers. Dr. Walsh, Neva, and the rest of his staff are always warm, friendly, and professional. Dr. Walsh quickly and expertly fixed my back on my first visit, when I came in barely able to walk from an accident at the gym. Since then I have continued to come in for treatment and have noticed much less pain in my back and better posture.

Dr. Walsh is great with athletes and really knows how to help not only fix problems but to maintain and improve his patients bodies. I have brought in friends since my first visit and they loved him as well! I would not hesitate to recommend him and his staff to my family and friends.
— Frank D.